Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a Major Award!

My husband called me at work today.

David:  Guess what I just won?

Lora: Umm. I don't know.

David:  A set of 400 Legos!

Lora:  Cool!

David:  Yeah, we had a competition and my group won!

Lora:  That's great.  Now when we have kids over they will have something to play with!

David: (slight pause) Um, but I want to play with them too.

Lora:  You can still play with them but kids can play with them too.

What a relief it wasn't a leg lamp!


  1. Oh, he and Zeke are so much alike... we'll have to get them together and they can share their Legos....

    "tonight, tonight, it's comin' tonight, Hot dang! tonight!"

  2. Lacy, I knew we were meant to be neighbors!

  3. Fra-gee-lay!

    We love Christmas Story around here. Love.

    And Legos are awesome.

  4. Ummm duh! I should get him Lincoln Logs for his birthday. ;)