Friday, September 3, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto

Location:  Toas I Diner in Toas, NM

Purpose: To eat wonderful New Mexican food that will make me crave more

Players: One waitress in black leather with a very high side ponytail.  Very skinny, but quirky as well, and David and myself of course.  Oh, and the guy who sat us down was also wearing black leather, he was pierced in several places along the center of his face and had those big black spacers in both ears that stretch them out like native Africans.  He didn't really play a part in the exchange but was very interesting to look at.  Extremely cordial as well.

Lora: I would like the enchiladas with green chile.

Waitress:  Would you like chicken or beef?

Lora: Not sure, what do you recommend?

Waitress: Well, the beef is organic free range beef, completely grass fed and sustainable because it is locally grown as you can see by our table top flier.  (As she speaks of the beef her eyes light up and sheer joy eminates in her every word) The chicken is not local unfortunately but it is still 100% natural, it's just not completely organic. (this is said almost apologetically and a look of concern that I won't judge her too harshly for having non-local almost organic chicken.)

Lora:  Um... okay?  Which one do you think tastes better?

Waitress:  Oh, I don't really know.  (pause with look of deep thoughts) Green chile and chicken sounds pretty good though.

Lora: Chicken it is.


  1. I thought so too. My only regret is that I chickened out and didn't do the entire tourist thing and figure out some way to get a picture with all of them for your viewing pleasure. Though that didn't bother me, it was the ecentricity of it all.

  2. And you totally had the tourist excuse for the photo-op! Let this be a lesson to you!

  3. How is a chicken non-organic? It's alive isn't it? Is there some other definition of organic that I dno't know?

  4. FYI those spacers things are called Gages.

  5. Deb, David and I actually had quite the discussion on the whole organic vs non-organic thing. apparenlty it's important to have them be free range chickens and to be fed food that has never had a pesticide touch it in it's brief existence. I do confess I love the idea of free range chickens, I can't help but picture cowboys on the round-up trying herd chickens!

  6. I'll tell you all about our free range chickens we just picked up when you get home. Darn near ran over one on the way to the farm!

  7. However...the most IMPORTANT question is, are you just BATHING in the green chili? Soaking it up as much as you can?

  8. I believe I have had green chiles in almost every meal I've eaten. mmmm tasty.