Monday, September 6, 2010

NM day Two 9/1/2010

Day Two: Questa.
We decided that after the 15 hour drive to get to Red River the day before, that perhaps Wednesday would be time to take it easy, relax, see something not too far away.  So we headed to Questa which is part of the "Enchanted Circle" which will be discussed further in another post.

We were hungry so after much searching, we ended up at:

The windows looked like this and it just had so much character:

The best part was that it was family owned and run and the lady in charge reminded me of my Aunt Marie.  Her dress, her height, even some of the things that she said and how she said them.  I curse my personal inhibitions and wish that I would have gotten a picture with her, or at least more of the restaurant itself.
Oh, and her beans brought my directly back to my aunt's house. AMAZING.

We then headed to:
Where the Rio Grande and the Red River meet. 
We saw lots of this:

And then we saw this:
And then some gratuitous pictures of ourselves because hey, it's our trip.  We should look like we're there.
I like this picture because you can see David's arm holding the camera in his sunglasses.

Oh, then we went back to our condo to really relax and saw this outside our back door:
End of day two.  Or at least the exciting/semi-interesting to you parts.


  1. I think it's time for you guys to go shopping. Just about ever picture with David in it, he is wearing a USU shirt. so... is it always the same one or does he have multiple so as to never be without? :)

  2. It's funny you should mention that. Lora told me I needed to pack different shirts because she noticed the same thing. However, it turns out it is hard not to since I have a billion gazillion of those USU shirts.