Monday, September 6, 2010

NM Misc... for miscellaneous

So, there were a few things that we got a kick out of as we spent many an hour on the road... and I mean many an hour.

It's fairly common to see wildlife crossing signs in Utah.  They mostly have deer.  We were quite delighted by the  many other wildlife signs we saw.

Thought it would be fun to share.

Deer, very common

Cow, more common than deer

Ooooh, Elk! Don't see that every day

Ram, another uncommon one

Firetrucks.  You never know when a wild one will cross your path.
(Ok, I know it's for safety and it's serious, but it fit in so well with everything.)

But how about those wild cowboys!  Seriously, gotta watch for those.
Especially when followed by this:
Apparently this is what you get when the cowboy is thrown. Very dangerous wild steed.
And don't be fooled by those tractor lovin' farmers! All crossing the road willy-nilly.
And my all time favorite NM sign:

Never know when you are going to get hit by falling rocks and a cow.


  1. Makes me think of when I had to explain what a tractor lane was to my husband the first time I took him home. :)