Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Love, thoughts from vacation.

There’s so much that I love right now. The way the light falls on the trees. The way the cool breeze feels against my bare skin. The sound of the creek making it’s gurgling music. I love vacations. Not just vacations, but the right vacations.

David and I are in Red River, New Mexico. It’s a ski town so naturally we’ll never be here to ski, but we will be partaking of the late summer activities that abound just when school begins and the snow hasn’t starting flying.

For awhile I was thinking that September was the worst time to get married, with school starting up and both of us being tied to it. It was the better of the two evils so to speak. We didn’t want to wait till Christmas break (I was in school at the time and besides, a birthday and a major holiday in the same month is enough) so we opted for labor day weekend. With 8 weeks to plan and execute, I think we did fairly well. And we didn’t think it would matter in the long run. I would graduate and then school would no longer be an issue or an hinderment to vacation plans. So naturally David decides to go back to school and I take a job at the University.

Every anniversary now is surrounded by the start of school at USU making it that much more difficult to feel good about taking off for an entire week. Yes, I know, a week off is fairly excessive for an anniversary, but it’s really the only vacation that we plan and take. Totally our choice. We did it for our first anniversary and it’s become tradition ever since. Besides, it’s a good excuse. The “are you out of your mind” look goes away when you explain that “yes, I am asking for the first week of school off because it’s our anniversary.” “Oh, well then yeah, that should be fine.”

However, being the fifth such trip since the blessed occasion of our wedding, I’ve come to look forward to our September time. Not just because I get to leave the catering world all to itself for the first week of school, but more and more because this time really does suit us. We are here in beautiful mountainous place with no tourists to compete with. Actually, that’s not true. There are a few senior couples here as well. But for the most part, we get to enjoy the cooler weather without the crowds. It’s ideal for checking out new places and being able to relax at the same time. And extra special bonus perk, no obnoxiously skinny perfect bodied women to compare myself with in the swimming pool! (that could almost be double bonus points don’t you think…)

So all in all, this really is a great time for us. Neither one of us are big crowd seekers. We’re the quiet, take our time type. I don’t like to be rushed through a vacation. That’s usually when I need to take the extra time to recuperate when we get home.

Did I mention that I love the way the light is hitting the trees right now? The ones in the front look all drenched in gold while the ones in back sit in the shadow content to let the smaller ones shine for now.

Yep, love vacations.


  1. We love September vacations, as well. I'm not sure how much Sammy's teacher will love us for taking them, though!

    Can't wait to talk about the trip when you get back...

  2. Oh, and? TOTALLY not bitter you're n NM in the fall and not me. Nope. Not bitter...

  3. Yep, totally get the non-bitterness vibe.

  4. Oh, good. So glad!

    We totally missed you at book club last night...