Monday, April 16, 2012


I hate good-byes.  Hate.

They are never fun.  At least the real good-byes.
The kind that mean real change.
The kind that take you away from people, places, and things.

Last week was one of good-bye.
I quit my job.
The job that I have had in some degree for almost 6 years.
The job that has put me through hell at times and had me flying higher than a kite at others.
It's not the job that I have a hard time saying good-bye to though.
It's the people.

The people that make me laugh.
The people that laugh at me.
The people that genuinely care about me.
The people that I genuinely care about.

It's those kind of good-byes that are hard and awkward.
The kind that I pretend that I don't have to do.
That kind that sometimes I really don't do... even though it really is Good-Bye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This was a Gypsy Mama 5-Minute Friday prompt and couldn't have been more appropriate.


  1. Good luck on the new adventure! LOVE the family picture.

    1. Thanks Sharon! On both accounts.

  2. Good-byes like that are hard. I have found that I am very thankful for texts, phone calls, facebook, blogs, and email to keep in contact with those people. The good thing for you is that you can go and visit a lot of those people in person when you want, because of the distance that you live to work.

    I have found that those people that do care about me stay in contact with me through the means that we have. Some of them have even come to visit me or meet up with me for a few minutes when I pass through town. It is good to feel loved---just think this good-bye is a hello to a whole new adventure!

  3. The new family pic is perfect. And I don't do good-byes, either. I just...don't.

    1. Not bad for a remote and us standing against the bedroom wall!

    2. Nice! I assumed you hit family up for it...

    3. We weren't organized enough to do that before everyone left or we would have!

  4. I love Clay and Jessica Brown's take on things (though I suspect it's really Jessica...just a hunch) "Goodbye is a hello to a whole new adventure".

    Semisonic echoed Seneca "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Of course now I have the urge to blast "Closing Time" and sing along embarrassingly loud.

    Hope this week bring smiles from the little one. They don't usually care if you cry- my experience has been that when I'm at my wits end and we're ALL crying it's MY crying that finally gets the kid(s) to be quiet. Weird huh. Just a tidbit of randomness for a Tuesday morning.

    1. You've totally got that song in my head now! :) I'll file that crying tip away for future use!

  5. Replies
    1. Of course not good-bye to you! It's practically inconceivable!