Monday, April 9, 2012


Light is in my heart today
It started yesterday at church

We got to bring Benjamin to church for the first time and he did so very well.  He cooed in his sleep and gave those sleepy half closed eyes smiles

That was the beginning of the light

Then the choir sang.  "Come Unto Jesus"
As the first acapella notes floated over the congregation and next to me
I struggled to keep my eyes from filling up with tears
My heart was full
My heart was light

Relief Society brought more
The lesson was music
Music that speaks to you and me
Testimony music
My choice was "For the Beauty of the Earth"
It's always made my heart happy

As we sang hymn after hymn after hymn
There was more light in my heart
I imagined that if it could, it would shoot out of the ends of my fingertips

It carried over through today
My heart truly is light


  1. Oh, I love For The Beauty of The Earth! I always remember the arrangement we did of it in highschool. Beautiful!

    1. That's where I learned to love it too!

  2. My Sunday was very similar :) LOVE the power of the Spirit and LIGHT -- can't wait to share next Sunday with you :)