Monday, November 15, 2010

Discuss this!

As prompted from an earlier discussion post by a discussion member of the discussion topic... (head hurt yet?), or really the only other discussion post I've done up to date... *big breath* here's today's topic.

If you could have only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Post a comment and let's discuss!

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  1. Is this even possible to answer? Huh...

    I would go with Notting Hill. Quite possibly the most perfect movie ever.

  2. Wow I think I would have a hard time choosing. I have lots of favorites but I think the one I could watch over and over again is Ever After.

  3. I think it would have to be The Princes Bride. Favorite movie of all time.

  4. I love Little Women- (though it's not true to the book) that might be my go to movie for all time.

    IT's familiar- like home. And timeless I feel. There may be a better movie for me but I have a terrible memory and that one always stays- so maybe that's saying something :)

  5. oh man.... that is SO hard! I love movies! Princess Bride would have to be in the running...

    But one movie FOREVER? I'm gonna cheat and say "The Lord of the Rings" (trilogy) I enjoy the characters and the story so much. I think they did a really good job making these movies. I love the bit of dry humor thrown in here and there. I love the romance between Eowyn and Aragorn. I love the lifestyle and habits of the Hobbits. I think I am one! (elevensies, anyone?)

    I can relate to Frodo so much sometimes, doing something he really doesn't want to do, but he has to and he just keeps going. I can relate to poor neurotic and greedy Gollum and his inability to escape the consequences of bad choices. And of course, Arwen, and her fight to do what's right and to be noticed and recognized as a woman that can do anything a man can do.

    I know they don't follow the books that well, but every time I watch them I want to be better and stand up for what's right and do the hard things in my life that really matter. When I watch them, I laugh and cry and feel inspired. "I am NO man!!" -- Arwen

    And really, they must be my favorite movies, just ask my cat, Pippin (aka Peregrin Took when he is in trouble!)

  6. Today I would choose August Rush, it is entertaining, but not the most award winning movie, But when I got bored of the plot line and story and characters, I could just close my eyes and listen to it, Great music.

  7. Under the Tuscan Sun.... I love how she figures out that the things that we want in life don't always turn out the way we think they should but that it can still be amazing. Such a great movie and those Italian men are nice eye candy too. :0)

  8. It really is a hard thing to choose only one.... I'm going with a funny one though so I could laugh the rest of my life :) It would be Get Smart. SO many quotable lines (that's where the 'dusty old uterus' line comes from that Tawnya likes to use on me :)

  9. I have decided to cheat and just come over to all ya'll's houses when you decide to watch your one and only!

    K, seriously, it's hard to choose a favorite. My first instinct is "Sabrina" the Harrison Ford version and mostly for sentimental reasons. I'll tell you those in another post though (if I remember).

    After reading all of your comments though my heart swooned with each addition of greatness! Greatness I tell you! Lord of the Rings (Lacy we truly are meant to be neighbors, David and I did a Lord of the Rings marathon for Valentine's day one year, my choice!

    August Rush, predictable and wonderful! Love the music, love the tender story.

    Little Women always makes me cry when Meg gets the piano. always.

    Love the humor in Princess Bride and Get Smart, the story and eye candy in Ever After, oh and in Under the Tuscan Sun.

    And Notting Hill, Hugh Grant is simply yummy. It's like a modern day Roman Holiday only he gets to keep the girl.

    Thanks for playing. I love hearing what you all have to say!

  10. Oh, these are some really good ones. I don't know how I could possibly choose. Maybe the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice because it's 5 hours long and I could never tire of Mr. Firth.

  11. I am with everyone else onthis, very hard to decide. I think most days it would be While you Were Sleeping, oh I just love this movie! I agree with Little Women too. I agree we should all pick different ones then just go to everyone elses houses to enjoy them all! Good post Lora! :)

  12. I like most of those ones, but I would rather read a book...over and over again.