Monday, November 8, 2010

What Happened to that Guy?

So.  Remember those oh-so-luscious people in High School?  You know, that boy that you actually went to school for.  The one who's smile could make or break your day.  The one who's initials were written in secret places in your notebook?  yeah that guy.  Seen him lately?  He's fat and bald.

Whatever happened to that guy?

I was talking with a friend at book club and disclosing secret crushes of high school when the topic came up. Couldn't help but wonder why it was the beautiful people that got struck with the big and bald disease. Not that there is anything wrong with big and bald, it's just kind of funny seeing as they were the hunks of high school who were worshipped on several levels by several classes.  Even if you didn't like them you still had to appreciate their beauty despite the bad manners and huge egos. 

Then I couldn't help but think of the effect this would have on me.  Since I wasn't classified in the "dreamboat" category in high school... or really any category... I think I would have been in the "you were in high school with me?" category.  I was a face in the crowd, the one that didn't stand out and was more than happy to be not standing out.  But, seeing as I was definitely not in the "she who must be worshipped and sought after" crowd, doesn't it just make sense that when others are getting fat and bald that I would be blossoming into something rare and beautiful?  You know.. breath taking?

No, you say?  Completely wrong?  Against the laws of nature and class division?

Well it was worth a shot wasn't it.

I wonder who finds me on random places such as facebook and Wal-mart and say to themselves "sheesh!  what happened to her?"  Hmm.


  1. That's funny. Just the other day I was looking of facebook for someone, and didn't know if it was them by the picture. I thought could he really look like that now?

  2. this is so true and it's amazing to see so many people on Facebook and I'm thinking, "yes, I know you, I recognize the name, but that MUST be a picture of your father or uncle or something! that couldn't possibly be YOU!"

    I used to be SO wild, no one recognizes me without all of my piercings and makeup and crazy hair, sad, but true. But good for me :)

  3. I had a roommate that I saw about 2 years ago for the first time since college. She told me that I looked better than I did in college.

    That was either the best compliment of my life, or a really really depressing commentary on my college years.

  4. Sorry I burst that bubble for you...I figured that since he extended his crushworthiness to college and I was crushed as well...

    I like your "rare and exquisite" premise. I'm holding on for dear life. Although, one of my best friends from high school recently saw me for the 1st time in 18 years on FB and paid me HUGE compliments. He was never a man of many compliments, so maybe there's something to your hypothesis after all...

  5. I totally agree with Tawnya. People blossom at different times. Sadly, I will use an analogy from voice. the smaller of a voice you have, the earlier it matures. So, those tiny tiny nit wits (not all of them, I'm sure) looked good in high school and now they look washed out.

    the big fat voices take into their 40's and 50's to really develop. There's hope for chubby people like myself yet!

  6. lacy, I SOOO can not picture you with crazy hair and peircings! Good right?? We've got to get together.

    Tawnya, no bubble burst really. It's just interesting to see how people turn out after what, 16 years! sheesh!

    And for the record, I wouldn't have posted such a thing if I weren't completely confident in my current status as a "hottie to my husband" which really is all that matter right!

  7. I think you're gorgeous, darling.

    And looking back on old photos, I think I look tons better now than I did 10 and 20 years ago. Tons. Which isn't actually saying much, but still.