Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'll Hold My Breath Until I Turn Blue!

I've been throwing a tantrum.

A big one.

It's lasted for awhile now.

You should be happy that I haven't blogged about every step of it. 

I could you know... but then you might stop reading.

And dear readers, I really don't want you to stop. I like you all too much.

I'll be better tomorrow.  I promise.  I may even have insightful information.  It's possible I could actually grow through this situation.  Actually learns something through these trials.  Crazy huh!

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for not writing me off completely.  I was doing so well you know, posting regularly.

Then I threw a tantrum.  I almost made it till my face turned blue... almost.


  1. Well. Thank heavens we have stress relief night coming up on Thursday...

  2. and that is all you can do at times! I feel that pain and anger and frustration often myself. But there is one on high who loves us and knows all about it and cares despite those darkest hours! Chin up! :D