Friday, November 5, 2010

What do you do when you're all alone?

Today I am alone in the office.  And by alone, I mean alone.  No boss, no co-workers, no other office mates who don't report to the same person.  If you listen closely enough and hold your breath you may even hear crickets.

So what do I do?

For starters I walked in, flipped on the lights, and yelled "Hello".  No one answered.  Which is good because if someone had I would have freaked out!

Next step was to get the computer up and running and put on the musical selection of my choice brought to me by Pandora... no office should be without it.  It's kind of a random mix too.  Everything from Chris LeDoux, to Broadway hits, to Inspirational sounds, and a little bit of Blue October thrown in the mix.  It makes me happy.  Best part: if I feel like singing out loud I can!

Then I sit and ponder what is to be done today.  Ponder ponder ponder.  "two people on vacation... one herding cows with family... one out with the army... I wonder if I could have gotten away with a hat today... why did I wear this* shirt!... crap someone is coming in the office, quick do something... why do I have "Downtown**" running through my head?"

Then naturally I write it all down in a blog post because that's what good employees do?  Hmm.  Maybe I should do some work.

Wishing you all a lovely, productive day

*This shirt refers to the fact that I wore have a button up shirt tucked in and it's just a bit too short to not come untucked whenever I do such things and pick up a pen or breathe.

** Downtown, where all the people are. Downtown where all the shmuh shmuh... Downtown.


  1. Oh, good luck. I would NEVER get anything done if I were alone in the office.

  2. maybe you could order in pizza for ONE, that would be cool... :)

    I have shirts like that! bother!

  3. Now that I am back :) Might I suggest we get rid of the rest of the office and have a real mind numbing nothingness day!
    Downtown where all the lights are bright.... Thanks