Friday, May 6, 2011

In Review

A list:

1.  My bread pudding is better than Aggy's bread pudding.

2.  Chocolate comes close to curing everything but doesn't quite make it all the time.

3.  I have been blessed to know some of the best women/friends EVER.

4.  I never thought I would laugh so hard when someone says "I have mono!"

5.  My entire front flower bed is a disguise for tree roots.

6.  I am glad that I have a husband with determination because I'm pretty sure he can wage a decent war on said tree root.

7.  I really really really want real patio furniture.

8.  I hate it when friends leave.  grrr.  double grrrr.

9.  I have finally decided to start cooking again and it feels pretty darn good!

10.  David is glad.

11.  It's one of the few things he's glad about lately because his wife is insane.

12.  I suppose you just have to take what you can get.

Love to you all.  Peace out!


  1. David,

    You are a good man!

    Lora and David,

    All this is for your good and preparing you two for the horomone roller coaster that actual pregnancy brings! With that being said, I like #12!

    Jess :D

  2. I feel, every month, that I want to repost how much I love my friends. Because it is reiterated, each month, why. I am blessed. And not a day goes by that I don't realize that.

  3. I cried when I got home Thursday night.... It was breaking my heart leaving you guys..... I don't do well with new chapters. Once I'm in the chapter, I'm fine. But starting a new one, never goes well for me....