Thursday, May 5, 2011

Musical Thoughts: Dedicated to Grace Idaho Potato Crew of Days Gone By

For better of for worse, we had themes for potato harvest each year.  It was for the high school Harvester Crew which consisted of 3 sometimes 4 girls, our personalities, and a tape deck installed by none other than my dad because he was soooo cool!  Best. Boss. Ever.  (And I really mean that too!)

Don't judge me. I still love this song. I still sing it to my cousin who was on harvester crew with me. We sing it to each other. We know all the lyrics and it's filled with love. I know there were others, but I just don't think they held the place in our hearts like this one.


  1. Lora: I. LOVE. YOU.

    When I read your comment "don't judge me" I was thinking... wow, what song could this possibly be?... then I scrolled down and well, I must admit I started laughing and crying because I'm an emotional wreck, but I was so THRILLED to see that song and to know that you like it :) ha ha ha ha... I LOVE IT.

    I love this song TOO much actually... Our middle school always had a lip sync contest every year. In 8th grade a bunch of us (boys and girls) did THIS song. I didn't want to be a back-up singer chic, so my brother let me bring his guitar (YES) and I got to be one of the band... wow, that song.

    Watching this video reminded how cool Poison really is. They just look like they are having SO MUCH FUN... you can't fake that. I love them even though C.C. uses more hairspray in one day than I would in a year or more...

  2. HAHAHA... Bryce just poked his head into my room and said "MOM WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO!??!"

  3. Lacy: I know we talked yesterday but leaving you haning on a comment like this is like leaving you hanging on a high five. Just wanted to say how glad I am to not be alone, though I'm sure if more people were honest with themselves they'd like it too.

    Amy: That just makes my day! Wah hahhhahaaaa!