Friday, May 20, 2011

Progression... kind of

This week:

1.  I have been to Salt Lake and back twice.  Each time for a doctor's appointment.  Each time to know we are right on track except for...

2.  Remember "Bob" and his nasty little brother "George".  Turns out George is still there, which we knew.  Which doesn't surprise me. A. Bit.  But he has hindered my right side, so it's up to my left ovary to make good on deal.  To respond with wit and charm and productivity to my nightly drug cocktail.  So that we can...

3.  Spend Sunday and Monday and probably Tuesday and Wednesday and next Saturday in Salt Lake again.  Yep, moving right along keeps us moving right along!  Can someone please invent a safe auto-pilot for our car that can be installed tomorrow?  Thanks.

4.  Last Saturday we pulled a lot of trees out of the yard.  And by "we" I mean David did all the work and I drove the truck.  4 loads to the green waste pile at the Logan Landfill.  4 large loads.  So much  more to go.  Feels good to be moving forward though so we can...

5.  Put in a raised garden in our front yard.  We don't play in our front yard.  Seems a shame to waste good sun on grass that we hate to mow.  So a raised garden it will be.  If it ever stops raining that is.

I know there's more my friends.  So much more.  Laughing, sharing, crying.  But right now I'm tired.  So very tired.  My doctor says that it's one of the side effects of Lupron but it doesn't usually effect too many people.  We've always known I'm not one of the "many" though.  And that's okay.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.


  1. So...everything's a go? Eeeeeee!

  2. glad to hear everything is moving forward! YAY! You know we only live about 40 minutes from SLC if you ever need a place to stay instead of driving back home. We have a guest room and would love to have a guest in it!

  3. I have confidence that your Left Ovary will pick up the slack :) Well, because it's amazing like you :) He really said that tiredness from Lupron affects only a few people? That's crazy it has affected both of us that way... I've been so tired I didn't think I could put on my shoes :) I've never been this tired SO consistently before

  4. I agree on the tired thing! yesterday you could have pushed me over with a feather and I would have the energy to resist! At least there's an answer though. Means we're both pretty much amazing!

  5. God granted you with the emotional strength of a pioneer. I wish I could help push the handcart; but there are angles who do that.

  6. If you ever need a place to hang your hat while you are here in SLC I would be happy to have you! You are always welcome to spend the time if you need to, I would even cook you something or just eat ice cream with you! You are always in my thoughts and I hope and pray this works for you! One day this summer I am coming up to visit and I NEED to see you!!!