Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

So I've been feeling overwhelmed.  So much so that I have left my house in a state of ickyness.  With the whole house-buying thing I confess it's made it hard to get things clean before we move simply because I have no real desire to take the time to clean it when it a matter of days we'll be doing the "big clean" to get ready for someone else to move in. 

Plus there's the primary thing.  I love primary, I really do.  But there is a mass exodus (of which I'm a part) in the ward that has left several teaching positions glaringly open with no one to fill them yet.  Fortunately we of the presidency have talented and oh so wonderful husbands to help get things taken care of.  We also get to share our own talents in the "hey does this class have a teacher today" realm.  Love it!  K, enough.

Lately I've been coming home from work exhausted.  But why should this be so?!  I have no kids, the house is all mine to clean or not to clean as I please.  But seriously what is my deal!?!  Then I started thinking about things and this is what I've come up with.

I am a morning person.  My day starts at 4:30 because I get up an exercise to get my day going and on the right foot.  (It's okay if you think I'm crazy to do this, most people do.  But friends, it really is my sanity... someday I'll explain, but for now you will have to take my word for it) My mind goes 3000 miles per hour thinking of all the things that need to be done and what I plan on doing in the day.  This includes primary stuff, work, the husband, the hobbies, the blog, the friends, the visiting teachees, and that place in my mind where someday I'm going to get a pattern and make that skirt.  (You know that really cute one that  is going to look fabulous on me and will replace the one that I have had for over 5 years and worn to church every other Sunday because I haven't had time to look for a suitable replacement.)  Occasionally I even make a list of these marvelous things that I'm going to get done as soon as I get back from work.  (including sewing the button back on my favorite pair of work pants... it took me over a year to re-hem the pant legs on these same pants... and it's amazing how well regular scotch tape holds up as the temporary hem in the washing machine)

I mean why woudn't I have all the time in the world!  We don't have children yet (not by choice, but by circumstance) so this is probably the most free time I will ever have.  So why don't I seem to get anything done! 

It's because I'm tired.  Did I mention I'm a morning person?  It's true.  My best energies are spent at work during the first 5-6 hours.  I should also mention that sometimes my work is completely exhausting.  I am re-doing the website and sometimes I want to throw the computer through the window out of sheer frustration.  (I should also mention that I'm not that good at it and the program we use is moronic... I know because I'm the moron that has to use it.)  Blah.  So I spend my days at work with fairly large projects that require a lot of brain power to get done.  I usually end up eating lunch at my desk because it's easier than trying to find a quite place anywhere else... and I have this stuff to get done, and this phone that thinks it needs to ring with people that think I need to help them.  As a result of all this, by the time I am off work (having not finished my project due to interruptions), my amazing brain that was going 3000 miles per hour has now shifted to 1.5 miles per hour.  I am lucky at this point to finish a complete sentence... literally.

I come home and simply thinking about dinner is enough to make me revert back my trusty friends, cold cereal and nachos.  That's good enough for me, but David?  Wait, don't I have a meeting or something?  A primary assignment?  A visiting teaching appointment?  A pile of dishes?  A house crying out for attention? Why yes, yes I do.  So the list of things to get done after work dwindles down to 1, maybe 2, which has never included sewing a button onto the pants (isn't that what safety pins are for?).  David comes home at 8 and is exhausted... I can tell by the dazed look on his face.  He pleads with his eyes for mercy and respite.  He takes what meager offering dinner is with gratitude and pleads with his voice this time for some activity that doesn't require brain power because his is just as gone as mine is.

I ask you, what kind of a wife would I be if the only hour we spend together not sleeping is spent running around doing projects and neglecting my husband?  So we talk to each other.  We tell out our joys/frustrations/accomplishments of the day.  We watch some silly episode of something or other on Netflix and take a few moments to just be.  So the house is a mess.  So the dishes didn't do themselves this time either... The world didn't come to an end did it?  We didn't even have anyone knock on the door to catch us in our state of neglect.  Even if someone did I don't think either of us would have the brain power to care.  But we did spend a few precious moments together to rejuvinate ourselves.  To wind down from the crazy day so we can feel alright about going to bed and starting again tomorrow.


  1. So, you're a programmer now eh?! What program are you using to do it?

    I saw this teenager the other day that was pregnant and I thought...can I ask her if she wants to give up her baby to my old roommate Lora?! How can I approach things like that?

    I hope you get a baby soon! But like you said, this is the most free time you'll ever have!

    I'd still love to know all the methods you've tried to get pregnant. Maybe everyone can donate some money and you can do invitro, if you haven't tried that already :)

  2. Not so much a programmer but a filler in-er. The program is EZ-plug and it's developed by the University. So I get to put in the content, pictures, tables, etc. I'm becoming more and more familiar with html code so as to work around the restrictions that are placed on me. Really I'm just trying to make it "pretty".

    For some reason I can totally see you approaching someone and asking what they are going to do with their baby! not really, but the idea makes me smile!

  3. I'm sorry! What time do you get home tomorrow? I'm totally bringing you guys dinner...

  4. i can't picture myself doing that too! lol. want me to?!