Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trials and why we are thankful for them

I had to give a talk in church today.  My topic was Learning Through Life's Trials.  When the bishop asked me to talk on this my first impression was "Oh, you want me to talk about my life."  You know, because of the trials and all... get it... do you get it.

Okay, so as Sunday morning rolled around I woke to put some of the thoughts on paper that have been running through my head all week because I had that meeting and then that other thing, and then the other meeting and then that activity and then that family thing so I really couldn't get it on paper earlier... and then the phone rang.  It was one of my counselors calling to say that so-and-so wouldn't be in church to teach because of illness and that the chorister wouldn't be there either. Would I like to teach a class or lead the singing.  I kind of chuckled on the inside (and on the outside for that matter) and said leading the music would be just fine.  Especially since my counselor was already planning on teaching another class so it just wouldn't work for her to lead the music and teach at the same time.

Back to the talk.  Writing more things down and the phone rings.  It's my secretary saying she has a sick kid.  Well she's got sharing time and her husband was going to substitute teach for a class and could David teach the lesson instead.  Of course.  What's the point of being primary president if you can't volunteer your husband for stuff!  Thankfully he's okay with that.  (Have I ever mentioned that he is completely wonderful?  No?... well he is!)

Finish preparing talk, get to church, give it.  Get emotional, cry, make it through, wonder if it made sense.  Start walking to the primary room when one of the teachers hands you her manual because she can't make it today.  Sigh...

Trials come in many forms.  For some reason it sometimes feels taboo to call church a trial.  I'm sure that if things ran smoothly it wouldn't be a trial, it would be a joy to serve.  Since that's not how it works, at least not right now then a trial it is!  Really it worked out all right I just found it ironic considering the topic I was given to speak about.

Oh, and for the record, I have a testimony of the power of trials.  No, I don't like them, but I think that's the only way that the Lord can really teach me something.  I'm too content sometimes to drift rather than grow so the Lord puts things in my way so I have to try harder.  Looking back on how my life was "supposed to be" and to where it actually is, I honestly don't think that I would trade out my experiences.  The Lord has a plan for me, for David and I, and for our family that will be.  I love knowing that.  Love.


  1. You are way more wise than I...

  2. I was so going to tell you how awesome your talk was. Being on the other side of things (not having to give a talk) it was exactly what I needed to hear to lift my spirit and get me through another week. Thanks.