Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Every Child Must Know, Part 1

As many of you know, we are looking to adopt.  Since there's little that can be said on our adoption profile, part of this blog is to help those who may be interested in us, get to know David and I better.  So I think it would be kind of fun to do a series of "What Every Child Must Know" and will hopefully be exposed to in our home. 

Both David and myself are lovers of movies.  All kinds of movies.  Seriously, if you saw our Netflix cue you would understand.  We have everything from the latest and greatest action flicks to documentaries, to old black and whites, to Disney classics and beyond.  Science fiction and Westerns both find a place of appreciation in our home.

It must also be said that while all movies have some merit, they are certainly not created equal.  And while there are plenty of opportunities to see new movies, not everyone has equal exposure to some of the oldies but goodies. So, in no certain order these are the movies that influenced my childhood and adulthood for that matter and I hope to be able to share with our kids someday.

1.  The Big Country 1958 starring Gregory Peck and Jean Simmons.  Set it Texas it's a look at pride, humility, blood, and what it means to be a real man.  Love it.

2.  The Natural  1984 starring Robert Redford and  Kim Basinger.  It's a baseball movie and there's just something about it.. perhaps the Robert Redfordness that I just like.

3.  True Grit  1969 starring John Wayne.  There are actually a plethora of John Wayne movies that would make it on the list.  It also has Robert Duvall in it calling John Wayne a one-eyed fat man.

4.   North to Alaska 1960 also a John Wayne but in the more humorous vein.  Hilarious! Gold rush and jealousy mixed with double crossing villians and love. 

5.  It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 1963 An all star comedy cast that drives you mad while searching for fortune under a "big W".   "I'm comin to save you mama, that's the reason you had me... to save you!" (said while flying down the road in a convertible and swimming trunks) It'll drive you crazy until you go mad yourself, then you'll love it!

6. The Sting 1973  again with Robert Redford but adding Paul Newman doesn't hurt.  A couple of con artists pulling a bit con in the name of revenge.  Classic.

7.  The Great Race  1965  This one is just so full of greatness you have to see it for yourself.  Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, Natalie Wood.  "The Great Leslie ran off with a chicken?!" High quality programming, right there.

It's kind of an odd list and there are more floating around in my head.  Lots of them just remind me of my childhood.  There was something to be said for a great story that can be told without special effects.  Don't get me wrong, love the effects, but sometimes there's just no substitute for a storyline.  And for the record I would add a hefty amount of Doris Day movies in as well.  Oh, and Audrey Hepburn. And Maurine O'Hara, and Katherine Hepburn.  And don't forget... well you get the idea.

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